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Linkin Park Live - 2001.01.26 Seattle, Washington

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January 26, 2001
Seattle, WA  United States
Showbox Theatre
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Street Soldiers Tour
107.7 The End 'Endsession'
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01. Crawling Live Debut
02. Papercut
03. Points Of Authority
04. In The End Vocal Ending
05. One Step Closer False Start

Show Notes:

- Linkin Park planned to play four songs for radio winners, but ended up playing five.

- The band messed up the end of 'Crawling'. It appears that Brad briefly stopped playing near the end.

- Before 'In The End', Chester said that it was the first time the band had ever done something like that, referring to them playing a radio performance for fans before a headlining show later that night.


- This was the first time that 'Crawling' was performed live.

Other Notes:

- The band performed five songs for 107.7 The End's "Endsession". 50 fans were invited in for the performance, which occurred after Linkin Park's 30 minute soundcheck for that night's show.

- This show was not discovered until September 16, 2013.


Source 1a: Audio - SBD (worldfamousendsessions.com)

Time: 16:49 mins

Format: mp3 (320 kbit/s)

Comments: Full performance. Excellent quality. Posted by the radio station to their Endsession archive in September 2013 in response to Felipeintheend emailing them about it.


Source 1b: Audio - FM (Unknown)

Time: 15 mins

Format: mp3

Comments: Uncirculated; only one known person in the LP community has a copy. Aired on the radio a day or two after the show. Probably the 5 songs without any talking in between.

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