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Linkin Park Live - 2000.xx.xx West Hollywood, California

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Unknown xx, 2000
West Hollywood, CA  United States
The Troubadour
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- March 20th, 2001 article written by Mike Galaxy reads: "Formerly Halogen, Dr. Lady was one of Music Connection's best 100 unsigned bands of 2000. The band has had several gigs recently including opening for Slash at the House of Blues and for Hybrid Theory at the Troub". The band has changed it's name to Dr. Lady around early 2001, so they definitely were still called Halogen at the time. The band then ultimately changed it's name to Orson. Mike Galaxy has confirmed the show for LPLive in November 2016.

- In the LPU chat on April 20th, 2015 Brad said his 2015.04.18 appearance at the Jakob Dylan show was his first time performing at The Troubadour. He discussed working at the Roxy and playing other clubs in Los Angeles both growing up and with Linkin Park, but said he had never played The Troubadour until this show, so it was an exciting moment for him. However, Lee Cadena's (Rap Editor at Urban Network Magazine and the creator of the Rapology CD series that started an artist management and development company in 1998 called LCM which worked with Xero) bio reads: "The first group he consulted was Xero, they changed their name to Hybrid Theory and Lee would introduce them at famous Hollywood spots like, The Whiskey and The Troubadour", so it's possible Brad is not actually correct on that statement.

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