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  1. The Numb one I wanted Chester's but I don't think anyone has a Chester IEM or won't share it yet. But thanks for the Faint IEM. It really helps me out. I'll post the pella if you want it. I plan on sharing them eventually cause appearantly not many people have pella's for Numb, Faint, Given Up, or What I've Done. I'll upload it after I've made a mash up I like.
  2. Thanks for the links, it took forever to find that IEM of Mike that everyone seems knows about. But I was slightly saddened to find it didn't have the one song I was trying to get. I requested it here in the Request Forum
  3. Does anyone have the Faint In Ear Moniter of Mike from the Toronto show? I just need a few seconds of it really. I'm working on an acapella and I need the part in the first verse where he says "What I want you to want" & the second verse where he goes "What you never wanted to say, But I've never had a doubt - <don't need this part> - For once just to hear me out" When I get that I'd have a full acapella. And anyone have a Numb IEM of Chester (not necessarily from this show)? I would appreciate the part where he goes "And I know, I may end up failing too, But I know, You were just like me, With someone disappointed in you" cause then I'd have a full pella of Numb too. I don't need the whole file of either one, just those parts. If anyone could provide those I'll share/trade the one they helped me out with. I also have a full pella of WID and Given Up if anyone's interested. (I know I took them from other people but I've fixed them so Given Up doesn't have overpowering claps through the chorus and WID isn't sped up) I'll show why I want them right upfront, go to Myspace.com/NaRu7oRMX and listen the the Mash-Ups I've created.
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