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  1. 4 hours ago, LinkinParkDrew said:

    Would be awesome if you tried for a new rip, as time goes by it just gets harder and harder to rip tapes.


    wow this guy is really amazing, great job, huge difference when you compare the audios, would be awesome if he would do the Xero tape

    I really need to get a rip of them. There is no one close to me that could do a quality job though

  2. On 10/9/2016 at 7:01 PM, Hahninator said:

    Skittle021 never ripped it. He remastered Nick's rip, twice. There are only three rips - IDX, LPFuse, Nick. +Skittle021 remastered Nick's twice.


    I remember at some point after 2011, someone else TRIED to rip it but it came out crap - I do not remember who that was.





    Who in the community has current copies of the tape? I assume LPCatalog has one? JomJom from LPItaly has one still right? Nick sold his to someone I believe.

    I have both versions of the tapes stored away. I have thought about having someone rip them to cd format, but haven't committed to it yet

  3. On 3/2/2018 at 9:16 AM, LinkinParkDrew said:

    Whatever The Fuck (Mike Shinoda& Ryu)

    North Coast Killa (Mike Shinoda)

    Rhinestone [The Crow Version] (Xero)

    Xero Reborn (Xero)

    Esaul (Xero)

    Pictureboard (Xero)

    Pictureboard (Hybrid Theory)
    Fuse (Hybrid Theory)

    Technique Long (Hybrid Theory)

    Be Yourself

    The Wake Up Show (Mike Shinoda)

    Dust Brothers ft. Linkin Park
    LMNO & Mike

    My December (Team Sleep Remix)

    Sick (Don't Stay Demo)

    Thoughts That Take Away My Pride (Meteora)
    Watch Their Mouth (Fort Minor)

    Machine Shop Mixtape Song
    Burn It Down [Tech N9ne Remix] (Living Things)
    Looking For An Answer

    Welcome [Ryu Remix] (Fort Minor)



    I'm a lil bit greedy asking for 21 songs but I accept just any of those been chosen. lol

    I would actually love to hear the "Xero rough mixes" from the Tape that Mike shared 

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