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At the conclusion of the DBS tour in Europe, we sat down and interviewed staff member Wilderness (Lee) to learn more about his trip as well as his thoughts on his new position as LPL staff. For those who don't know, Lee caught every show on the DBS European tour and had an amazing experience. Additionally, he serves as one of our moderators and does a terrific job. So without further ado, below is the interview for you enjoyment. Special thanks goes out to SpikeMinoda for conducting the interview and for Wilderness taking the time to sit down and answer some questions.


> Q: Hey Lee. Could you please introduce yourself to everyone?


Well I go by the nickname "Wilderness" on LPLive, LPU and some other websites. My real name is Lee Adams, or if you prefer, Canal Guy (after my misfortune in Amsterdam). I'm just your regular hardcore LP fan. I am also a musician.


> Q: What's you position here at LPL? How many years have you followed LP and why?


I am a moderator but I plan on taking over the whole site and dedicating it to Kinder Eggs. I am going to call it EKLive.net. I heard 2 demos of Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory, at the time) by a friend of my dads - one was By Myself demo and I can't remember the other. I loved them. But then I forget about them, and it wasn't until In The End music video was released that I got back into them and remembered who they are. Why? Because they are amazing!


> Q: As some of us heard, you had a small accident at Amsterdam on the tour. Tell us about it.


I fell into a canal... right next to Dead By Sunrise's tour bus. Ryan and Elias saw, I think Fu did too. Luckily, Brad (roadie from LP/DBS), Amit and a stranger helped me out.


> Q: How did this happen?


I honestly don't know. I guess I mistook the 6 or 7ft fall for just normal floor. It was midnight and so dark!


> Q: After that happened, you got the honor of watching the Zurich show from the side of the stage. How did it feel to watch a show from backstage and not from the crowd?


It felt absolutely amazing! Now and then Amir would come over and say hello. Fu, Brandon and Elias would turn and smile and nod at us.


> That's awesome!

> Q: Why did you decide to go to all the DBS shows this February in Europe?


I was scared that this would be the only chance to see Dead By Sunrise, and one full set wasn't good enough for me, I had to see more. Originally it was going to be London and Hamburg. We added Amsterdam because we wanted to party there. It didn't feel right not being at home and not going to other shows at the same time.


> Q: Which was your favorite show and why?


Each show was unique. London was home for me, and probably was generally the nicest audience as far as attitude was concerned. Brussels was a tiny tiny tiny venue, it felt like they performed for like 30 people. Amsterdam had some nice eye candy. Zurich, obviously I was on the stage watching. Either Koln or Hamburg were my favorites because the people we were with made it absolutely amazing. If Ana could have come to Hamburg, then I could confidently say it would have been that. But as she was at Koln instead, it makes the scales equal.


> Q: As you said, you met a lot of nice people, but who stands out amongst the rest? Would you meet them again?


Oh god, this is a hard question. Everyone. Honestly, everyone who I met and spoke to I would love to see again! LPLive or not, the people I met were so unique and friendly. I would be so glad not to see the arseholes from Koln who wouldn't let me go stand with Ana.


> Q: You have been backstage at a handful of the shows. How did this happen and what goes on there if you can tell us?


Well I was what they call "aftershow" with the band in Hamburg. Ryan come to meet us and took us into the little room they were in. Brandon and Fu were watching the ice hockey gold medal game, Ryan was chilling with his girlfriend and Amir, having a joke with us, Elias was too but he was tired as hell! Then we hear "excuse excuse" in some sort of accent, which was Chester. He was really excited actually, but chilled too. He was really funny. It's basically a chill out session for them - I remember they were listening to Disturbed on iPod speakers and drinking water/Jack Daniels.


> This is amazing! Thank you for the nice interview and was a pleasure to meet you in Hamburg.


No, thank you! And it was a pleasure to meet you too, I look forward to our next meet!

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