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Disclaimer: This interview may not be reproduced in part or in entirety without the written consent of LPLive.net.


This time, we catch up with LPxDC, a member of our site that has been with us since we were starting out. He has submitted quite a lot of information over the years and has seen the band a few times live. Providing us with the live audio of his show, as well as updating us with news quicker than anyone we've seen around the web, he has remained loyal to us and is a great member to have around.


> Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Well I'm 18 right now - Been into Linkin Park since 2005, but I'm just as much of a fan as if I got into them in 2000.


> Q: You've been present on the site for quite some time (I remember you visiting back in 1.0) and now you have been given a moderator position. How does that feel?


Oh I remember back when LPL still was .txt format....when it didn't have anything fancy, but it was very helpful on all levels. And being a mod here now to a great site like this is great! I always log on every time I get on the computer.


> Q: How do you see this role of yours (as a moderator)?


As a moderator, I see the role as in keeping in contact with the community as much as I can. For example if someone needs help in using the forum I would like to be able to point them in the right direction. To keep the site as friendly and organized as possible is another way I see the forum.


> Q: Is there anything you don't like about the forum, something that makes you angry or something you would change or add?


To be honest, I have no problems with the site. It's running good right now. The members of the site can go to the "Got News?" section and contribute to the news shows that the LP fanbase work together as one for anything Linkin Park related.


> Q: What do you enjoy about LP Live the most? What moves you to come to the site every day?


As stated in the previous question, how much the members here join together to bring the latest about Linkin Park. The show notes are a must read because they provide in-depth and important detail on what exactly went on on XX tour date. The news we have everyday and the site always improving and adding something new to the mix which keeps things fresh is what keeps me coming.


> Q: What is your favorite Linkin Park song? Favorite album?


My favorite Linkin Park song would have to be In The End; Yes I know that's about everyone's favorite song but the song does have a special meaning to me. Plus it is the song that got me into Linkin Park. Favorite album would have to by Hybrid Theory, it's the original, the classic, the album that put LP on the map.


> Q: Have you seen them live? If so, when?


I have seen the band on the Projekt Revolution 2007 and 2008 Tours in Bristow, VA at the Nissan Pavilion. Both of my reviews of the show can be found on here in the reviews section.


> Q: Do you download the live shows that we frequently post? If so, do you have a favorite one? Why?


When I have time I do download the live shows. I remember downloading the HFS Fest in D.C when it became available. But my favorite download would have to be the famous MV '04 show!


> Q: Anything else you’d like to say?


Thank you for the opportunity to work as mod on LP Live! I'll do my best to help maintain the forums a nice and friendly place! Hopefully you all will not have any worry to come to me when you require assistance!