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This time, we catch up with LESTAT, a staff member for over a year that has helped us cover not only Linkin Park, but his specialty areas as well - Chester's guest appearances and the band Julien-K. Being from the Ukraine, he's not as active on our forums with our casual crew, but that's because he's always hard at work with stuff behind-the-scenes. All of the updates he makes will blow your mind, and the fast-paced, quality work ethic that he has is exactly why is a valued member of our team.


> Q: How do you see this new role of yours as a Core Staff member? You've been present on the board for quite some time and now you've been promoted from our classification called "Mini Staff" to a full blown "Core Staff" member. How does that feel?


Great, I still have a lot of information about LP shows that I'll add to the Guide; So my new role made me more concentrated on working on the site.


> Q: Is there anything you don't like about the site, something that makes you angry or something you would change or add?


I think the only thing that makes me angry is some users....

Currently I'm trying to obtain information about every band played at every Linkin Park show. I'm sure I'll find that for at least 90% of LP shows.


> Q: What do you enjoy about LP Live the most? What moves you to come to the site every day?


The best thing about LPLive is that you are happy about every Linkin Park concert even if you're not there. And I'm sure that the latest news and rumours will be discussed here.


> Q: Now, I believe you've told me in the past that you actually are more into Julien-K than Linkin Park now. Is that still true, and why?


Yeah. But Julien-K is not my favorite.

I absolutely loved LP when I was a little younger, but my interest faded.

LP was the band that brought me into music. Later I started to listen other bands and learned a lot about the music and the industry. So now I realize that there is the only one talented man in the band. And I'm looking forward for his solo album!


> Q: Excited for "Death To Analog"?


Yeah. And pretty funny that the album is coming out exactly on my birthday.


> Q: Anything else you’d like to say?


Despite everything I've said, I have a great pleasure in searching info about LP shows. And I can easily change my opinion when the next album will see the light of the day.

Currently I am working on a few projects. I don't want to clarify any details, but I think everyone will be excited, if everything will go well.

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