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Time for another interview! This time it's with a man known as Christian from the band Cyclefly. Formed in the town of Cork, Ireland in 1995, Cyclefly was a band largely popular in England and Ireland. They had a nice cult underground following and were able to record two albums together before breaking up. "Crave", the second album of theirs, featured our very own Chester Bennington on a track that many of you are familiar with entitled 'Karma Killer'. In September of 2001, Linkin Park embarked on their first-ever European Headlining Tour. They had the ability to bring Cyclefly and Puddle Of Mudd along for the tour, and at the last two shows in Köln and Amsterdam on September 23rd and 24th, respectively, Chester came out on stage with Cyclefly to sing 'Karma Killer'. Fast forward to over seven years later, where Christian Montagne, the bassist of Cyclefly, has agreed to do an interview with our staff member Felipe. Definitely the most comical interview we've done to date, you're able to get all of the info you ever wanted to know about 'Karma Killer' bundled with the easy-flowing, informative answers that Christian gives us. Christian is now working with a band called MAKO. Questions from this interview are compiled from LPLive members, LPInside:BR members, and other various Linkin Park community members across the globe. Thanks to Christian for doing the interview and to Felipe for conducting it.



From: Felipeintheend (Interviewer)

Hey Christian, what's up!? Thank you for giving us this opportunity to have an interview with you. Now check out the questions.



From: Wesley.09

> Q: Do the Karma Killer's lyrics mean anything for you guys or for Chester?


Yes they do, pretty much self explanatory - suppose that's the reason Chester agreed to sing on the song.



From: BBBruno

> Q: 1) What was the reason you chose Chester Bennington to sing on Karma Killer?


We knew Chester before Linkin Park became huge, and we always loved them.


> Q: 2) Do you think it'll be possible to see Karma Killer and Linkin Park together again on tour, maybe for some 'featuring' songs, and do you guys have any plans to release more albums?


At the moment we are not touring, but we will be soon releasing a new LP under our new band name MAKO.



From: Mafiosa

> Q: 1) How was the experience of working with Chester Bennington?


It's always a great experience to be able to do music with friends, Chester is a cool guy, really genuine.


> Q: 2) In case you have any idea of releasing another album, what is its style going to be like?


As for ourselves we will be releasing a new LP soon, check us out, under our new name MAKO.



From: Lina

> Q: May we expect more collaborations of singers or maybe even other bands?


Not that we have planned.



From: Link

> Q: Did you guys enjoy working with Chester Bennington on the song Karma Killer? And do you guys intend to come to Brazil?


We had a great time! Now what we intend to do and what we actually do are two different things but if I had a choice I would be in Brazil in the morning!!!



From: SergSlim

> Q: 1) Can we hope to get a single version of Karma Killer in better quality than it is on MySpace? Maybe Wav or FLAC.


The song 'Karma Killer' was never released as a single but you can buy the album on Amazon.


> Q: 2) Did Chester join them onstage sometime besides the two times we already know of?


Only on stage with us those two times, and what a time, good memories.



From: Nameless

> Q: 1) What was the issue with MCA Records? (now Interscope Records)


Typical music business issues getting in the way of music. We are now called MAKO and [part is lost...]


> Q: 2) Your future plans as a band?


Are releasing a new LP soon.



From: Bennington_Hahn

> Q: Any plans for working with Chester again?


Nothing planned for the moment.



From: P.Cullen

> Q: May we expect any more Chester collaboration in an upcoming work?


Never say never!



From: 87_Hetfield

> Q: Didn't half of you form a seperate band after Cyclefly broke up?


Yes, myself and the lead singer Declan have formed a new band MAKO.