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I'm suprised nobody here took a shot at this, or at least to my knowledge. This is my interpretation of the lyrics. Anyone can adjust, add to, take away from them. I want to see if we can get the lyrics straight before the official lyrics are printed out.




This is something for you people on the block to / blackout and rock to

Give you what you need like Papa / who shot ya

Seperate the weak from the obsolete / too meek / I creep hard on imposters

Switch styles on the dime / quick witted yall quit trippin / I don't have time for your crying

I grind tough sucka make your mind up

Are you in the firing squad or are you in the lineup?

Bang bang little monkey man playing with the big guns / only get you slaying I ain't playing

I'm just saying / you aint got a sliver of a chance

I get in the grinding level while you quiver in your pants

So shake shake down / money here's the breakdown

You can play the bank / I will play the bank take down

No mistakes now i'm coming to getcha'

I'm a Banksy / you're a Brainwash / Get the picture?

It's like that/


And somewhere in the song:


You woke the devil that I thought you left behind

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