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Your reviews of upcoming LP shows wanted!


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Hey guys! Some of you might remember that I've posted some really great fan reviews of the LP shows during their European Summer Tour on my blog, and I want to do that again for the upcoming tour. Here is some more information in case you're interested:


Linkin Park are going on tour again, and I want to post your reviews here. So if you go to one of the following shows and you want to write something about it, contact me via comment section, Twitter (@adiek84), Facebook (Adie Klarpol), EMail (adiek84@gmx.net): 30.08.2011 Las Vegas, NV

31.08.2011 Los Angeles, CA = Secret Show for Japan

06.09.2011 Hong Kong, HK

08.09.2011 Seoul, KR

10.09.2011 Chiba, JP

11.09.2011 Chiba, JP

13.09.2011 Yokohama, JP

14.09.2011 Nagoya, JP

16.09.2011 Osaka, JP

19.09.2011 Taipei, TW

21.09.2011 Jakarta, ID

23.09.2011 Bangkok, TH

25.09.2011 Singapore, SG

16.10.2011 Pensacola, FL





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