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Linkin Park DSP LIVE song election


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These are the songs that the band has released through Digital Souvenir Packgage... so this is a little poll :P to know what are the people's favorites:


From Hybrid Theory:

• Papercut

• One Step Closer

• Points Of Authority

• Crawling

• In The End

• A Place For My Head

• Cure For The Itch

• Pushing Me Away (Normal/ Piano Version)


From Meteora:

• Don’t Stay

• Somewhere I Belong

• Lying From You

• Faint

• Breaking The Habit (Normal/Piano Version)

• From The Inside

• Session

• Numb

From Minutes To Midnight:

• Wake / Wake 2.0

• Given Up

• Leave Out All The Rest

• Bleed It Out

• Shadow Of The Day

• What I’ve Done

• Hands Held High (Full / A Capella)

• No More Sorrow

• Valentine’s Day

• In Between

• In Pieces

• Little Things Give You Away


From A Thousand Suns:

• The Requiem (Just the one with Mario Savio speech, since we didn’t have a dsp from NYC)

• The Radiance (Just Piano version, same reason as above)

• Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me

• Jornada Del Muerto

• Waiting For The End

• Wretches & Kings

• Wisdom, Justice, And Love

• Iridescent

• Fallout

• The Catalyst

• The Messenger (live version)


From Others:

• Numb/Encore

• Jigga What/ Faint

• QWERTY (07’ version)

• We Made It

• New Divide

• Just Like Heaven (The Cure Cover)

• Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)

(* I didn’t put DBS songs or street drum corps because they weren’t played by LP actually)



This is how its gonna work, :P each week, we will nominate one show, from each dsp released, then, at the end of week we'll see what shows get more nominations and we will declare it as the winner, then we go to the next song =P... it'll be helpful as a compendium of live songs, played and released in a same format :P.


So there we go!, Start with Papercut


I'll nominate 29-07-07 Mountain View, California... the intro sound just great, :P the band is full of energy at the start of the tour, and was a special place, many great concerts held in there :D

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