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LPU M&G for the first time


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Hey guys, I'm attending to the M&G in Cologne on Wednesday for the first time and I have a few questions.


In the e-mail I've recieved they told me I would recieve another mail with more information on the day of the show. I hope they are sending it early in the morning, because I'm gonna leave at noon. But what is your experience, how early should I show up at the venue / M&G meeting point? I heard they started in Berlin at 9 p.m., yesterday in Stuttgart it was about 8.25 p.m. So when should I be there???


And another veeery important question, how are the M&G running these days? Will I meet all 6 members or only 2 like they did last year? Cause I remember seeing photos from South America where all 6 did the M&G and took photos with the winners.

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You will get your email with more details (meeting point and time) probably at around 12:00 am at the day of the event. Be at the venue before the doors open.


All 6 members will be present.


I arrived very late in stuttgart. I was at the meeting point at 07:00 pm and 5 minutes later it started.

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I'm also at the M&G in Cologne, maybe we can meet us infront of the venue? :)


I got an email 5 minutes ago, the Cologne LPU M&G was an error for me, so I will be only in Dortmund at the LPU M&G... <_<

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