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Hey all LP Live-ers and MFR supporters!


So we all have heard about the horrible disasters recently, especially impacting the Gulf – including the U.S. states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida as well as the gulf countries of Cuba and Haiti. But the reality of natural disasters stretches much farther than these just most recently affected and in the news. In 2008 alone, there have been 73 natural disasters worldwide (Source: ReliefWeb).


So with that said, there has never been a better time to give and help out. And here’s how:


- Donate to Music For Relief – visit musicforrelief.org and donate to the cause of your choice.

- Purchase a MFR t-shirt, bandana, etc. in which proceeds go to the MFR cause.


OR if you are short on cash, there is a NEW CAMPAIGN out in which you can get involved if making a donation is out of the question.


MFR has begun a campaign with Planet Green to collect and recycle used printer cartridges and cell phones to recycle and raise money for disaster relief. For every box (a box must contain at least 20 cell phones or cartridges) that MFR is sent and forwarded to Planet Green, they receive a donation for disaster relief.


I am organizing a group together to take part in this campaign where I live as part of the MFRST, but I'm thinking, why stop there - the bigger, the better, right? So, I put this out to the LP Live community and ask that you consider helping out with this project. Let's see how big we can make this. If you think you might be interested in helping out, either reply to this thread or send me a pm. Together, we all can make a difference for those affected by natural disasters worldwide.




Support Music For Relief? Want to Get Involved?


You've come to the right thread! This new thread will be your LP Live MFR headquarters for all information concerning how to get involved with Music For Relief. Below you will find information on how to get involved and will have continuous updates as they come. If you have any questions concerning how to volunteer or anything here, then ask them here and we'll find the answers.


There are lots of ways you can get involved. Some of these include:


- Join the mailing list at http://www.musicforrelief.org. You'll get occasional emails that will keep you up to date on MFR.

- Join the MFR Street Team and promote MFR and its efforts.

- Donate directly to Music For Relief to fund ongoing relief efforts throughout the world.

- Volunteering at the MFR Booth in Linkin Park tours (where available). This is announced well in advance and it gets you in the doors free! What's better than a free Linkin Park concert?!


And this is just a few of the many...to learn more, visit http://www.musicforrelief.org


And if you have any other ideas or questions, again post them here.

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