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Awakened Nation interview with Grey Daze & Cris Hodges

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Before iconic singer Chester Bennington rose to international stardom as the lead singer for Linkin Park, he started out in Phoenix, Arizona with his first band Grey Daze.

Grey Daze drummer and best friend to Chester, Sean Dowdell, along with their new lead singer Cris Hodges joins Brad Szollose on Awakened Nation to discuss what it was like to rerecord the tracks Chester and Sean were working on before he died in 2017, going on tour for the first time in 20 years, and Sean's heartwarming stories of missing his best friend, and waiting for the right time to bring these new songs to life.

This is rock history in the making, as Grey Daze had played their last show in 1998 and planned to reunite before Chester's tragic death in 2017, two months away from starting their new tour. The tracks for their new collaboration would lay dormant for 5 years as Sean mourned Chester's death.

This episode includes video footage from the documentary Grey Daze: The Creation of The Phoenix, featuring Dave Navarro, a sample of B12, their new album The Phoenix, also great stories from Cris and Sean on the experience of going back on tour after 20 years. Cris shares the first time he sang for Grey Daze at UFest in front of 15,000 fans, and the ghost of Chester.

If you love LinkinPark, This goes beyond being a tribute to Chester Bennington, this is a friend sharing Chester's last legacy...while Cris gets to sing alongside Chester synced to video footage, as well as carving out his own path as Grey Daze prepares for a new direction.

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