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LPU Wishlist


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Hi,this is a thread about the next LPU album.

Write the demos or unreleased songs that you'd want to be released.

The songs must be only 10,Pictureboard and The Wizard Song aren't included.

This is my list:

1.Esaul(Xero Demo)

2.Rhinestone(the The Crow version)

3.Slip(the version in the Lockout video)

4.Thoughts That Take Away My Pride(Meteora Demo)

5.No Roads Left(Chester's Vocals)

6.Grecian(MTM Demo)

7.Victimized(Gang vocals and different intro)

8.A random unreleased song

9.Fuse(Chester's vocals)

10.And One(short version)

And a secret Xero/HT demo as a b-side.

Say what you think and write your wishlist.

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