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Linkin Park x Eminem - After Collision 2 Mash-UP (Anticipation Thread)


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(If you are familiar with my mash ups and enjoyed them then you should love this, and if you're not, I hope you're a tolerant person and give this a chance, I know this seems like a TL;DR post, but f*ck with me on this one)

As some of you may know me, I'm the guy responsible for all the Eminem & Linkin Park collaboration mixtapes. I went with the Collision Course route seeing as how they did one with Jay Z.
I've had 4 of these mixtapes out over the years:

  • Collision Course 2 (2012)
  • After Collision (2013)
  • Collision Course 3 (2014)
  • Collision Course 3: Meteors (2014)

They Can be all found on my datpiff profile and youtube along with the rest of my work:



Each mixtape has been an improvement over the previous ones and has had a different concept behind them.
Being that I did not want to be cliche' after putting out the first Collision Course 2 mixtape, I thought Collision Course 3 would be cheesy, so I went with After Collision and ended up creating a whole different concept and entered a whole new world, thus dividing and creating an alternate universe in this fictional timeline of mine where Collision Course is what happens before and during the Collision of whatever it may be that collides (Panic,pandemonium,futuristic,fast paced, disastrous) and After Collision is what comes after (Devastation, dark, post apocalyptic). These concepts ended up being the polar opposites of each other.
So now I am working on my Final Linkin Park x Eminem project, which is going to be "After Collision 2" and that is the reason I have made this thread.
I want you guys at Lplive whoever might have enjoyed these mixtapes and mash ups I've done (I know there have been a few people who were really supportive and i'm really grateful) to help me with ideas and content, I have up to about 26 demo tracks/skeletons with instrumentals and vocals on it and whatnot that I have collected over the years of making the previous mixtapes, I have a lot of concepts and ideas for tracks and features, cover art ideas and visuals that you could help me with.
So I'd like you guys to just bounce ideas around in this thread and maybe suggest stuff to me that I might not have thought of before.

To set the mood, I have one of those said skeleton tracks that is nearly finished, and i'd like to share a 30 second preview of it:



The quality is set to draft so it's just an unfinished body of work for now, but you get the general idea.
I'd appreciate it a lot if you would like to participate in this thread, this forum is full of nice people who are creative and open minded.

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