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Standard LPU Meet & Greet


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Hello folks,


one week ago I bought some tickets for the upcoming Fall European Tour 2014. Then I "refresh" my LPU account, only the website account without any costs etc. After this I was looking for "joining" the shows to get a chance for a standard LPU Meet & Greet before a show, like I did in 2010. But I couldn't find any option for this. In the Events area, with the listing of all upcoming shows, is only the possibility to buy tickets with 350 $ or 500 $, with some special extra things.


My question now, is it not any longer possible to get a normal Meet & Greet for like 20 $ LPU membership? :huh:


BTW: Sorry, I didn't track the LPU changes over the last four years, so I'm not up to date and maybe it is very easy to find a way... ^_^




All right, I got the information I want to know. Here are all information, the process is called LPU Meet & Greet Lottery, interesting. ^_^ I think this page will be updated for the Fall European Tour 2014, because at the moment these information are only for the Carnivores Tour.

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