Linkin Park Live - 2001.01.12

January 12, 2001
London, England  England
Yalding House
Venue Type: 
Hybrid Theory European Promo Tour
BBC Radio One Evening Session
Show #: 
5 of 5

01. Papercut
02. Points Of Authority
03. In The End
04. One Step Closer
Show Notes:
- While this is a complete setlist, the order of the songs might be incorrect.
Other Notes:
- This performance was listed as being on January 11th for years. In October 2015, a description of the day of the 12th was found, which read, "At 9 o'clock on January the 12th 2001, Linkin Park began their Day Of Press. All of which means: a jet-lagged, homesick, physically exhausted group of five young men are paraded in front of the world's press. 4 songs recorded for a BBC session, MTV and VH1 appearances, handshakes, smiles and 24 hours of the same old questions."
- Three of these tracks were made available as b-sides on various CD singles from Hybrid Theory ('Crawling', 'Papercut', and 'In The End' singles).
- The existence of 'One Step Closer' in this setlist was not discovered until December 2014.
- The recording of 'Papercut' from this performance is commonly mislabled as a demo in the Linkin Park fan community.
Show Stats:
5th played in 2001
93rd played for Hybrid Theory Tour
2nd played in London
2nd played in England
Source 0: Audio - SBD (Official Release)
Format: CD + Digital
Comments: 'Papercut', 'Points Of Authority', and 'In The End' only.

Source 1: Audio - FM (BBC Radio 1)
Time: ? mins
Format: There are no recordings that are circulating of this broadcast as far as we know.
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