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2008 - Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes




City: Milton Keynes, England

Venue: National Bowl

Date: June 29, 2008





In June 2008, Linkin Park headed to Europe for their third tour of the continent since Minutes To Midnight was released and their fourth visit overall on the Minutes To Midnight World Tour. They did a very short promo tour in Germany in England in April 2007, a sixteen show mix of headlining arena dates, festivals and spots opening for Pearl Jam in May 2007, and an arena tour of Germany, France, Switzerland and England in January 2008.


They returned for eighteen shows in Europe in June 2008 after a three month break following a North American Winter Tour, where Chester fell sick. Included in these shows in June was the first visit for Projekt Revolution to Europe. The band had three Projekt Revolution dates in Germany (München, Berlin, and Düsseldorf) followed by one in Milton Keynes, England to close the tour.


The Milton Keynes show was the largest Projekt Revolution show of the four and featured a lineup that included Jay-Z, Pendulum, N*E*R*D, Enter Shikari, The Bravery (who was on the Projekt Revolution Tour in the United States starting the following month), and InnerPartySystem. HIM was originally on the lineup but was scratched a few months prior. This was Linkin Park's first actual show with Jay-Z on the bill since Live 8 in 2005, when the two acts combined their sets.


The show was supposed to be broadcasted live on various MTV channels in Europe. It was dropped off the schedule at the last minute most likely due to the possible release of the live CD/DVD from this show. Band members stated that they filmed the show without any expectations and upon reviewing it, decided to release it. Once Jay-Z's management cleared the footage, they proceeded with a release. This was the only show of the tour to be released as a DSP (Digital Souvenir Package). The other shows on the tour remain a hot ticket item for fans as they have remained unreleased since 2008, the only tour from 2007 to 2012 to not be released.





Starting with Projekt Revolution 2007 in July 2007, Linkin Park began rotating their setlists between three different song order variations. This continued through 2007 and 2008 and included this Summer European Tour in 2008. When the tour began, the band debuted three brand new setlists, titled Set X (opening with One Step Closer), Set Y (opening with What I've Done), and Set Z (opening with No More Sorrow).


At this show, Linkin Park performed a variation of Set X that they had been playing on the European Tour at the time. However, there were a few changes. From The Inside (originally tenth in the setlist) was swapped with Lying From You (originally second in the setlist) in the order. Reading My Eyes was dropped and Mike rapped Hands Held High acapella instead. The rest of the setlist remained the same except for the ending. In The End closed the main set and the band kept Pushing Me Away (Piano Version) and What I've Done for the first encore and added the first half of Numb/Encore and Jigga What/Faint to a second encore with Bleed It Out closing. These two songs with Jay-Z were performed earlier in the year at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York when he came out as a surprise guest during Linkin Park's headlining set.

See the show page here for the full setlist and show notes.


Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes CD/DVD Setlist: (not the full show setlist)

01. One Step Closer

02. From The Inside

03. No More Sorrow

04. Wake 2.0 (DVD only; not on CD)

05. Given Up

06. Lying From You

07. Hands Held High (Acapella)

08. Leave Out All The Rest

09. Numb

10. The Little Things Give You Away

11. Breaking The Habit

12. Shadow Of The Day

13. Crawling

14. In The End


15. Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)

16. What I've Done


17. Numb/Encore *First Half Only* (with Jay-Z)

18. Jigga What/Faint (with Jay-Z)

19. Bleed It Out (CD missing singalong bridge)


Months after the show, an earlier draft of the setlist was sent to LPLive from a fan who attended the show and was in the front row. This setlist featured Reading My Eyes and Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Lying From You, which hadn't been played since 2005 at Live 8.


Milton Keynes Setlist Draft:

01. One Step Closer

02. From The Inside

03. Somewhere I Belong

04. No More Sorrow

05. Papercut

06. Points Of Authority

07. Reading My Eyes

08. Wake 2.0

09. Given Up

10. Leave Out All The Rest

11. Numb

12. The Little Things Give You Away

13. Breaking The Habit

14. Shadow Of The Day

15. Crawling

16. In The End

17. Bleed It Out


18. Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)

19. What I've Done


20. Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Lying From You (with Jay-Z)

21. Numb/Encore *First Half Only* (with Jay-Z)

22. Jigga What/Faint (with Jay-Z)





On October 6, 2008, Linkin Park held a content for fans to submit the name of an upcoming CD/DVD of the show in Milton Keynes. Two days later, they narrowed down the choices into a poll for fans to vote on. The choices were: "Linkin Park: Midnight In Milton Keynes", "Sunset Revolution: Linkin Park Live In The UK", "Road To Revolution: Linkin Park Live", "Revolution In The Iron City: Linkin Park Live", and "Revolution in the UK: Linkin Park Live". On October 13, the winner was announced as "Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes" (not a choice, but a variation of the second option), along with the tracklisting.


On November 21, 2008, the CD/DVD was released under that name. On the DVD, Somewhere I Belong, Papercut, and Points Of Authority were cut and were added as bonus content. The CD version has a few songs omitted that are on the DVD, including the bridge of Bleed It Out.


Leave Out All The Rest from the DVD was used as bonus footage on the special edition DVD of Twilight.


In July 2012, LPLive released a "workprint" version of the full show (including the three bonus songs) featuring different angles, different editing, and a raw audio mix.

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