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Working Titles


This is a list of all working titles the band has used over their career. Included are songs from their major albums as well as two Dead By Sunrise songs. Fort Minor working titles are currently not known. These songs are in chronological order and are by album, except the Dead By Sunrise songs, which are last.



Hybrid Theory


One Step Closer: "Plaster"

With You: "Now I See", "Dust Brothers"

Points Of Authority: "Oh No", "Points & Authority"

Runaway: "Stick N Move", "Stick And Move"

By Myself: "Sad", "Super Xero", "Super Zero"

In The End: "Untitled"

A Place For My Head: "Esaul" (one demo CD also listed the song as "Esaul (A Place For My Head)")

Forgotten: "Rhinestone"

Cure For The Itch: "The Cure For Mr. Hahn's Itch"





Don't Stay: "Sick"

Somewhere I Belong: "Pretty Birdie"

Breaking The Habit: "Drawing"



Minutes To Midnight


Wake: "WAKE Album Intro Idea"

Given Up: "21 Stitches" (21 Stitches also originated from a discarded track called "Fire In The City")

Leave Out All The Rest: "Fear", "When My Time Comes"

Bleed It Out: "Accident"

What I've Done: "Bang Three"

Hands Held High: "Song Q"

No More Sorrow: "Ebow Idea", "Ebow"

In Pieces: "Pictures"

The Little Things Give You Away: "Drum Song"

No Roads Left: "Patients", "No Roads Left But One"

Across The Line: "Japan"



New Divide: "Megatron"



A Thousand Suns


When They Come For Me: "Dingleberry"

Waiting For The End: "Meadowlands"

Blackout: "Pac Manny"



Living Things


Lost In The Echo: "Holding Company"

In My Remains: "One Forty"

Burn It Down: "Buried At Sea"

Lies Greed Misery: "Piledriver"

I'll Be Gone: "Primo"

Victimized: "Battle Axe"

Until It Breaks: "Apaches", "Foot Patrol", "Three Band Terror"

Powerless: "Tinfoil"





A Light That Never Comes: "Victorious"



The Hunting Party


Keys To The Kingdom: "Coffee"

All For Nothing: "True Chainz"

War: "Warrior"

Wastelands: "Artillery / The Wastelands / Wastelands Of Today"

Mark The Graves: "Plato"

Final Masquerade: "Drawbar"

A Line In The Sand: "Odyssey"





A.06: "A-Six"

Yo/Brad's Yo: "Yo (Unsolved Mysteries)"



Working Titles That Stuck (Confirmed)




Shadow Of The Day

Roads Untraveled

Robot Boy


Skin To Bone



Mall Soundtrack:


Mal RX7: "Buttermilk"

It Goes Through: "Luna"

Devil's Drop: "Warm Spell"

The Last Line: "Ammosick"



Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes


Into You: "N2U"

In The Darkness: "Darkness"

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