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Over the years, LPLive's users and staff have compiled many other lists for Linkin Park fans. You can find those below. Stuff that doesn't fit into the wiki or isn't important enough for its own page can be found here. These lists are accurate to the best of the LPLive community's knowledge and should be helpful for the hardcore fans.





Official Remixes List (All known LP & LP-related remixes)

Re-recorded/additional vocals for remixes (Known vocal additions to remixes)

Instrumentals & Acapellas List (All known LP & LP-related instrumentals & acapellas)

Multitracks List (LP multitracks that have been released in some form)

The Ultimate Working Titles List (Known demo titles for LP songs)

Unreleased Songs List (Known LP & LP-related songs that are unreleased)

Singles (Official, promotional and iTunes singles for Linkin Park)

Vinyls (all vinyl releases by Linkin Park)

Songs Info (In progress collection of all commentary by the band on Linkin Park songs)

Songs Info (Side Projects) (collection of all commentary for Linkin Park related projects)

Studio Guests List (All vocal & instrumental guests on LP songs + other remixers/producers)

Produced/Remixed/Composed By... List (Production credits given to LP members)

Stagelight Sounds List (All LP samples found in the "OpenLabs Stagelight: Linkin Park Edition")

Samples List (Samples found in LP, FM, etc songs as well as samples used for LP live shows)

References (Musicians who mentioned or sampled Linkin Park )




Songs Played Live (All LP songs w/ dates of live debut & most recent performance)

Live Debuts (Easier list of all songs (by album) performed live w/ live debut date)

Live Extensions (Live changes to Linkin Park songs)

Live Guests List (Guests featured on live Linkin Park songs; ABC order by guest name)

Digital Souvenir Packages (DSPs) List (Live CDs & DSPs released from 2007-2012)

Rehearsals (Attempt at listing known live rehearsals on tour)

STP's Soundcheck Performances (List of rehearsals STP w/ CB has performed)

Most Played Venues (Where the band played the most? Find out here)


Sources (Live Shows)


Available Proshots Sources (Proshot video list)

Available Soundboard Recording Sources (Soundboard audio list)

Uncirculated Sources List (Known recordings that are uncirculated)

Incomplete Shows (Known professionally recorded sources that were partially released)

Compilations and Multiple Cams Sources (List of all sources that have been compiled)

Removing Bad Sources From Circulation (2013 project to fix circulated recordings that are missing songs)




Radio Edits/Alternate Versions Guide (Simple list of album versions vs radio versions of songs)

Singles Vs. Music Videos Guide (LP & related videos w/ different audio mixes/tracks)

It's Goin' Down Versions Guide (Understanding all eight of the versions of 'It's Goin' Down')

LP Remix Guide (Find out the tempo, key, time signature and if there are available stems for each song)

Audio Taping Guide (Learn how to tape high quality audio recordings)




LPTV & LPUTV Guide (Links to every LPTV episode + list of all known LPUTV episodes)

Music Videos List (Links to all LP & related music videos; a few exceptions do not have links)

Official Live Videos (LP & related - all live music videos that have been released / are official)

Making Of Music Videos List (Known "making of" videos for LP & related; links included)

"Songs From The Underground" Project (2013 project to list all unreleased songs in LPTV & LPUTV)

Soundtrack Appearances (all soundtrack appearances by Linkin Park or their related projects)

Digital Releases (all digital releases by Linkin Park)




Questions (Answers to popular things in LP history fans are looking for)

Band Members' Earliest Work (Full guide for the band members earliest music projects)

Fake Linkin Park Songs (Commonly mislabeled songs that are NOT by Linkin Park)

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