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Exclusive: Music For Relief 2005 DVD



One of the most interesting shows that Linkin Park has ever played came in the year 2005, when they only stepped on stage twice to perform throughout the year. In late 2004, a tsunami struck Southeast Asia and crippled the region. This prompted Linkin Park to create Music For Relief, a charity organization that helps out countries and areas of the world in need, which is still going strong to this very day. To raise money for the tsunami, the band got with some of their closest friends to perform at a show in Anaheim, CA in February 2005. The lineup for the event, billed as the "Music For Relief: Rebuilding Southeast Asia" show included No Doubt (who actually headlined the event), Blink 182 (who pulled out at the last minute as their band fell apart, prompting a very lengthy breakup/hiatus), Jurassic 5, Story of the Year (who opened for Linkin Park the year prior on their biggest headlining tour in North America ever, in support of Meteora), The Crystal Method, and Camp Freddy (an all-star lineup of rock legends).

At this show, Linkin Park performed a 50 minute set, which only left room for 12 songs. They were creative with what they ended up playing, though. Kicking off with 'Don't Stay' and 'Somewhere I Belong' from Meteora, they then launched into 'Runaway' from Hybrid Theory. Mike took the time after 'Runaway' to say that the next song has never been performed live as the intro to 'Frgt/10' off of Reanimation began. This was the first and only time the song had ever been performed live, and due to Jurassic 5 opening the show, Chali 2na was able to come out for his verse!

The end of 'Frgt/10' had a keyboard outro that segued perfectly into 'Breaking The Habit', followed by 'Crawling'. And then the intro for 'Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Lying From You' began as the crowd lost their minds. Jay-Z came out and the rest is history - all six Collision Course songs were performed for only the second time ever (third if you count both run throughs at the Roxy Collision Course DVD filming).

Unfortunately, only really bad quality cellphone clips of the show were around for years. Despite a prominent LA-area taper recording the show in video, no one could convince him to trade the show out. Finally, Felipeintheend made a breakthrough and LPLive (after years and years of trying) was able to obtain the show, which we released on Christmas 2012! This show, with its loud and wild crowd combined with the explosive energy of Linkin Park at the time (who had not performed a show in five months), has gone down as a fan-favorite in their live history.


DVD (torrent)

You can view the original thread for the release here, the thread for the live stream of the show that LPLive did here, and the "End of the World" surprise of the 'Frgt/10' video here.

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