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Exclusive: Cry To Yourself (DJ Lethal & CB)






Way back in 2002, rumors were circulating that Chester was recording a song with DJ Lethal for an upcoming Lethal solo album. The album never came out and for two years, nothing was heard about the song. LPAssociation followed the news about the song in 2004 with threads here and here after a thirty second clip of the track appeared on the radio in California. LPA was able to find out that the popular "Skratch & Sniff" radio program would be debuting the song (with a shoutout to LPA in the process). While they did debut a majority of the song, it was overdubbed with radio ads and was not a complete track. DJ Lethal introduced the song as 'State Of The Art'. And that was it for the song at the time!


It is important to note that the version that was circulating for five years was ripped by Astat and heavily remixed by a fan. He removed the parts with radio ads, cut and moved portions of the song around, etc, so this was technically a "remix" of the incomplete version.

In 2009 after reaching out to many people for the song, Hahninator from LPL was able to obtain the track from an official source that remains anonymous and release it as an exclusive on the site five years later. The solo album was never released. This song has interestingly had a good bit of commentary about it....


Chester in 2009: (via Twitter)

Q: "What's the deal with State of the Art?"

A: "we never finished the song I spent an hour writing and recording the track it's basically a demo."


Q: "who does guitar/drums/bass on State Of The Art?"

A: "I don't know. It's a dead subject to me."


DJ Lethal in 2012: (via Twitter, after rumors circulated that he had problems with Linkin Park)

Q: "what's your problem with LP?"

A: "my beef isn't with mike. Its chester.I paid him $25,OOO for a song that his label didn't approve for release. Chester owes me my$"


DJ Lethal in 2013: (via an online chat)

Q: "wow! you didn't answer for your track with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.Tell me about plz,this is rare!"

A: "this was supposed to be on my first solo album..I paid chester 25,000 $ he took the money then his record label wouldn't let me release it and he took the $$$ and never said anything...that's why I made hahn solo...also I helped linkin park when the were hybrid theory,mike shinoda came to my house and I gave him music plugins and adive and sounds...so what? somehow the song got LEAKED haha free for the world...ooops"


When LPLive later obtained a higher quality version of the song, it was discovered that the final title is actually 'Cry To Yourself' while the working title/demo title was 'State Of The Art'. DJ Lethal ended up releasing another song called 'State Of The Art' years down the road featuring the Dilated Peoples (which has nothing to do with 'Cry To Yourself') and his solo album at one point was even rumored to be called 'State Of The Art' as well. The 'Cry To Yourself' title has been confirmed by DJ Lethal on Twitter when questioned about it. That's it for the crazy history behind this long-rumored, mysterious song!





mp3 (.zip)


You can find the forum thread for the release here.

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