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Exclusive: Camden 2004 Proshot DVD



For years, rumors circulated through the Linkin Park trading community that a phantom taper in the northeast USA had a copy of a proshot LP show from Camden, NJ's Projekt Revolution stop on August 3, 2004. After countless months of searching, our staff tracked the said person down and was able to obtain the recording.

This is a proshot video of what is shown on the actual screens during the concert, meaning there are some gaps and some weird effects, but most of the show is in tact and it's the only video we have from the tour.

Projekt Revolution 2004 featured arguably the best setlist that Linkin Park has ever played on tour. 'Figure.09' & 'From The Inside' and 'Breaking The Habit' & 'Numb' have flawless transitions that tie the songs together and on top of that, guests appear throughout the show. Jonathan Davis comes out on 'One Step Closer', meaning it's the first video we have of his guest-spot and Ivan the Urban Action Figure comes out on 'It's Goin' Down'. Coincidentally, this is the only show of the whole tour where the band brought a fan up on 'Faint' to play guitar! Other highlights from the show include the cover of 'Wish' by Nine Inch Nails and energy of both the crowd and the band during this era. Camden was the ninth show of the tour and the fourth stop to feature 'A Place For My Head', which was added back in after the tour began.

In May 2011, we released the show to fans. We started with a YouTube video of 'Faint' with Billy on guitar (since he is a member of LPLive), followed by the full show on YouTube and finally the DVD and mp3 versions of the show.


DVD + mp3 (torrent)
The forum thread for the show and the release can be found here.

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