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Live Downloads (Comprehensive)




Listed below are video and audio downloads that LPLive has provided as exclusives over the years. Short descriptions of the shows follow, but for more information, click the link to the thread for the release!



Video Exclusives:


2000-09-05 West Hollywood, CA (PRO)

Proshot of Linkin Park's hometown show in September 2000. After the Union Underground Tour in August, LP wrapped it up with a show at the Roxy in Hollywood. To warm up for the next tour, the Kottonmouth Kings Tour, they played another show at the Roxy before they headed to New Orleans for the tour kickoff. This show was filmed by the band and footage from One Step Closer was going to be used in the official music video at one point. Obtained with help from Felipeintheend.


2001-09-16 London, England (PRO)

This was originally (allegedly) going to be Linkin Park's first live release. However, it wasn't released and a few songs made it to HBO Reverb later in the year. This possibly happened because the original HBO Reverb show in Wantagh, NY in the summer had a lot of technical difficulties during the band's set. Regardless, this is the full "workprint" version and is the first time that the full show has ever been seen. Obtained with help from Felipeintheend.


2001-11-02 Sunrise, FL (AUD)

Incomplete show from Sunrise, Florida on the Family Values Tour in November 2001. This DVD was rumored to be filmed but uncirculated for many years. It's not a complete recording of the set, but it was a show that wasn't released until 2013, so we are thankful that it eventually came out. Obtained with help from Felipeintheend.


2004-08-03 Camden, NJ (PRO)

Proshot show of Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution Tour in 2004 in Camden, New Jersey. This is a recording of what is shown during the screens at the show. Features all of the highlights of the tour, such as Jonathan Davis on One Step Closer (first time video has been released of that). This was the only show of the tour where a fan was brought up to play guitar on Faint - and it happens that Billy is a member of LPLive!


2005-02-08 Anaheim, CA - Music For Relief: Rebuilding South Asia (AUD)

This is perhaps the "favorite" exclusive of the LPLive staff. This DVD was the hardest we've ever worked to obtain something for the site and it took MANY years of negotiations, failed attempts, and crazy stories before we got this one. This is only the second time the Collision Course songs have been performed in full (and the last time the album has been performed live at once). Chali 2na joins on Frgt/10, which was debuted live at this show for the only performance of it ever. Overall, this is a really great show. Obtained with the help of Felipeintheend.


2005-11-02 Los Angeles, CA - Sessions @ AOL (Fort Minor) (PRO)

The original AOL Sessions performance by FM included six songs (available on iTunes in audio format), but they also used the time to practice Where'd You Go with Holly Brook (now Skylar Grey) a few times. Where'd You Go wasn't included in the release by AOL. An interview with Mike is also included, as well as him giving shoutouts for AOL for press purposes. Only a few of these questions/shoutouts ended up being released. There were a few playback issues with the DVD but LPL staff member [AndOne] edited it to fix those only to make it more enjoyable for the viewer.


2006-08-13 Chiba City, Japan - Summer Sonic [QWERTY] (PRO)

After years of searching for a professionally shot video of QWERTY, LPLive ended the search successfully by obtaining the proshot video of QWERTY live from Tokyo, Japan on August 13th, 2006. This is the same version that was on LPU6, but we finally have a great quality video to go with it. QWERTY, one of the fan favorites, was changed after this tour to a different version to play live, so this is the only chance to see a good quality version of the original QWERTY. Obtained with the help of Felipeintheend.


2006-04-22 Tempe, AZ, Club Tattoo 11th Anniversary (Bucket Of Weenies and Fort Minor) (AUD)

Bucket Of Weenies was a side project by Chester, Sean Dowdell (former Grey Daze), Ryan Shuck (Julien-K/Orgy), Mike "Cheez" Brown (T.S.O.L.), and Mike Rouse (The Bleeders/The Johns) in 2005 and 2006 that played a few shows just for fun. They mainly covered some of their favorite rock songs, but did play Morning After and a few Cheez originals. Enjoy the full Bucket Of Weenies set as well as the Fort Minor set from the show! This is a great opportunity to see Chester sing some great rock songs outside of Linkin Park (especially if you're a fan of his Camp Freddy appearances) as well as Fort Minor performing a full set at their prime, featuring Chester on Enth E Nd.


2010-10-20 Berlin, Germany (AUD)

Full audience DVD of the first show in Europe for A Thousand Suns and first time the band brought their tour production for the album into an arena. Great show with an even better crowd!


2012-08-10 Bristow, VA - Private Production Rehearsal (AUD)

On August 10th, the day before the Honda Civic Tour officially kicked off in Bristow, VA at the Jiffy Lube Live, LPLive staff was lucky enough to join this Private Production Rehearsal through an LPU contest. They played the first few songs of Setlist C that premiered the next day and played the Victimized/Qwerty mashup for the first time. Here's what the attendees were able to see before they were kicked out (so the band could privately rehearse the rest of the set).



Audio Exclusives:


2000-12-21 Modesto, CA (MP3)

This was the second to last show of Papa Roach's Master Bay Tour in 2000 and was a California show for Linkin Park, which meant they were bringing a good crowd at this early point in their career. Awesome, unreleased show...until now! Obtained with the help of Felipeintheend.


2001-06-01 Nürnberg, Germany - Rock im Park (MP3)

First show at Rock im Park before Linkin Park returned later in the night to replace Slipknot, who had literally disappeared and didn't show up for their set. Thirteen song set in the middle of the day to a huge crowd.


2001-06-29 Mountain View, CA (MP3)

Nine song Hybrid Theory set on Ozzfest! Lots of funny commentary by LP at this point in 2001! Obtained with the help of Felipeintheend.


2003-08-09 Los Angeles, CA (MP3/FLAC)

A hard-to-obtain recording (at the time) of Linkin Park's Los Angeles show on Summer Sanitarium 2003 - their hometown show. They actually kicked it up a notch for this one and brought an energy-packed show to Los Angeles. These are very good performances of the songs on this tour and is a recommended download. Obtained with the help of Felipeintheend.


2004-01-21 Cleveland, OH (FLAC)

Full set from Cleveland on the headlining Meteora World Tour. An extra-long A Place For My Head intro is a highlight of this one. Very good quality and is another recommended download.


2004-02-14 Portland, OR (MP3)

This one is just for completionists as the quality of this recording isn't very good, but we do appreciate any and all attempts to record the band.


2006-08-13 Chiba City, Japan - Summer Sonic (MP3/FLAC)

Now you are able to hear what happened BEFORE the audio kicks in on QWERTY from LPU 6. Hear the chatter before Reading My Eyes, hear Chester belt out the lyrics to the Reanimated intro to Crawling and more. While this recording is not perfect...(there's of course the occasional cheering of fans right next to the mics, etc)...it offers a distinct insight into the full performance that night in Tokyo. Even the fireworks after Chester and Mike's outro to Breaking The Habit are there for you to hear! Awesome Japanese crowd and another high intensity set for the band on the short 2006 tour!


2009-07-23 Graz, Austria (MP3)

Excellent quality recording of the band's headlining show in Graz in the summer of 2009 - a short run through Europe and Asia (with a USA show to close it out) to promote New Divide.


2011-06-19 Oberursel, Germany (FLAC)

Full show and great quality recording of the Oberursel Projekt Revolution show in Germany in June 2011. Wild crowd and good setlist!


2011-09-10 Chiba, Japan (Chester IEM) (MP3/FLAC)

Something important to note is that LP fans might think they are already familiar with one IEM recording of the band - Toronto 2004. After we researched this recording, we have found out that this so-called IEM recording of Mike is really just a recording of Mike's wireless mic feed. This is totally different than his in ear monitor, so this is actually the first IEM recording of the band to surface. The IEM is exactly what it stands for - what Chester hears through his in ear monitor during the show. Sometimes band members will have just drums and lead guitar or sometimes they'll have just vocals, the snare drum and the bass guitar. Check this recording out to see exactly what Chester hears during the LP performances.


2011-09-10 Chiba, Japan (FLAC)

In fall 2011, Linkin Park performed five headlining shows in Japan (Tokyo x2 aka Chiba, Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka) and three of the shows ended up being recorded. You all know that Japanese recordings are arguably the best in the world and that we like to buy the Japanese bootlegs and liberate them in the community. You probably even already have one or more of these recordings.

Since that tour was over three years ago (even though it seems really recent to us), here's a little recap of that setlist. Papercut and Lying From You open it up with fan-favorites When They Come For Me and No More Sorrow coming in mid set. The main set ends with Crawling (back when it was in normal rotation), Faint and One Step Closer and the encore features Blackout sandwiched in between a bunch of singles. Bleed It Out ends the show with another epic A Place For My Head bridge!


2011-09-11 Chiba, Japan (FLAC)

If you were following the tour in September 2011, you'll remember that the big highlight from this show is Bleed It Out with the No Roads Left bridge. Mike sang verse one and the chorus of No Roads Left over the bridge of Bleed It Out and then the band went into their usual A Place For My Head portion of the bridge after that. After being rehearsed in 2008 and rumored to join the setlists for the summer tour in Europe in 2008, No Roads Left (a bonus track on Minutes To Midnight) never ended up being played live and the band later said that it was because the song never "sounded right" to them in a live setting. This show in Tokyo and the following show in Yokohama were the only two times that Mike sang part of No Roads Left live! Of course this is another extremely high quality show from Japan.


2011-09-16 Osaka, Japan (MP3/FLAC)

Osaka featured a standard "Set A" at the time, which opened with The Requiem and Papercut and closed with Bleed It Out. At this point on the touring cycle, Wretches & Kings had long disappeared from this setlist and The Messenger was replaced with Blackout. Over the Bleed It Out bridge, Rob performed a drum solo followed by the band doing the usual A Place For My Head bridge. Aaaand an epic Japanese recording as well (who would have guessed?)

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