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The Snax Live - 2001.06.16 Fullerton, California

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June 16, 2001
Fullerton, CA  United States
Wild Rivers
Mega Riot



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The SNAX.COM is BACK! - Saturday April 28th, 2001 - 6:22:48 pm

Soory for those of you who over the past two weeks tried top get onto the site. the SNAX.COM is back and running again. things are good for us. we are playing some shows up ehere shortly and they should be some good ones. I have been writting some songs and working on putting some new stuyff together and there is a chance we may do west coast tour in JUNE with our fellow friends ".rod laver" the are currently out on tour and they are going to let us know shortly if we will be charging CA, OR. and WA. at the beginning of the summer...should be fun. Phoenix (DAVE) for those of you who follow him with Linkin Park is doing great...he tells me that the best shows are the ones were he sees old snackers out there. he loves the encouragement and loves to here from you... He leaves for JAPAN and Australia for a three weeks or so... JIM is in Santa barbara, he filled in for keller on the drums in the fall and now that Keller is back JIM is playing bass for DAVE. Cheese is in school getting smart and I have been doing some acting and stuff like that in LA so that is cool...I will let you all know when I am going to be star, but the chances are more than slim....but I am having fun doing it. well take care and hope that all of you out there are doing well...GOD BLESS- Fiore and the SNAX

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