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The Snax Live - 2000.09.22 Fort Worth, Texas

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September 22, 2000
Fort Worth, TX  United States
Club 412
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theriz - Thursday September 21st, 2000 - 6:49:13 pm

hey SNACKERZ- we are on the road...touring again! this should be a good one. we hope to make it to your town....check the web site and see when the dates are ...i wish we could make it everywhere, but we only have so many places we can go in so little time...keep us in your thoughts and prayers...we got some sweet new merch! i have my good friend Josh uploading all the new photos. so those should be up with in the next week...keep chjecking the site. we have some good ones from Cornerstone, DCLA, and a couple other shows we did on our summer tour! Rock on Snackerz...study hard, and please come if we are anywhere close to you.....God Bless. Fiore and the BOYZ (the Snax)

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