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Stone Temple Pilots Live - 2016.03.26 Rolling Hills Estates, California

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March 26, 2016
Rolling Hills Estates, CA  United States
Norris Theatre @ Palos Verdes Performing Arts
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From Classic to Rock
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All Star Rock Band Jam Session, *, Gary Wright, Classical Set



xx. Vasoline Soundcheck
xx. Big Empty Soundcheck
01. Dream Weaver Gary Wright song; STP backing band
02. Love Is Alive Gary Wright song; STP backing band
01. Wicked Garden
02. Vasoline
03. Big Bang Baby
04. Crackerman
05. Big Empty
06. Plush 2014 Version
07. Interstate Love Song
08. Sex Type Thing
09. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

Show Notes:

- Stone Temple Pilots took the stage directly after Chester, Robert, and other event organizers presented a blank check to the school district.

- No band members played with in ear monitors, the first time for Chester with Stone Temple Pilots.

- Before 'Crackerman', Robert said that the band hadn't played together since September. It really was October, at Aftershock. Chester looked at a fan in the audience and said, "You say Crackerman? Alright." as the band started the song.

- Dean mentioned that it was the band's first show since Scott Weiland had passed away.

Other Notes:

- This performance came after Chester officially left the band and was billed as a one-off reunion show.

- The show was originally announced as being titled "From Bach to Rock", but was changed to "From Classic to Rock."

- There were three performances during the event - a classical set, Gary Wright, Stone Temple Pilots, and an all star rock band jam. Various artists for the other performances included Gary Wright, Yutong, Chas West, Marten Andersson, Stan Sharp, Monte Pittman, Jane Lee, Lauren Mayhew, Stephen Perkins, Devin Thomas, Stephen Chesney, Grant Fisher, and Benjamin Zelico.

- The entire band barring Chester came out and backed up Gary Wright for two songs during his set. Robert posted a picture on Twitter before the event of him and Gary together. These tracks were 'Dream Weaver' and 'Love Is Alive' and also featured a keyboardist as well as The Lovely Ladies on backing vocals.

- Chester and Robert stayed for the after party, which included an auction with items like a pair of Chester's shoes he wore on stage, Robert's bass he played during the show, signed STP drumheads, and other items. Chester auctioned off most of the items himself.


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Comments: Released on LPLive on March 29, 2016.

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