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Mike Shinoda Live - 2002.08.03 San Francisco, California

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August 03, 2002
San Francisco, CA  United States
KMEL 106.1 Radio
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The Wake Up Show
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Rakaa (from Dilated Peoples)



01. Dedicated Verses 1 and 2; Mashup w/ DJ Instrumental
02. Unknown verse Mashup w/ DJ Instrumental


- This is the first time that Mike rapped any form of 'Dedicated' "live". The first time he did it at a Linkin Park show did not come until August 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Other Notes:

- Mike and Rakaa from the Dilated Peoples went on The Wake Up Show to give interviews and rap. The DJ asked Mike to do a battle with Rakaa and Mike rapped verses 1 and 2 of 'Dedicated' and part of an unreleased song. On the Fort Minor forums in 2005, Mike said it was from a verse he had written "years ago", which might refer to even pre-Xero. He also posted the lyrics:

''Me and Rakka haven't begun to hit you yet

when i get you open / your insides will make you wet

you bet / hostile when i'm rapping to you

got you asking God how he let this happen to you

bringing on the fat lady / and the fat man too

and shoot em both out of a cannon over Kathmandu

if ya sleepin / i'm knocking out the sandman too

i'll beat the yellow out of you until you're black and blue

laugh at you / and any MC who wants to scuffle

turn a Challenger emcee into Challenger space shuttle

got Emcees so mixed-up, their bones are pulling muscles

And their bladders are leaking out and down their leg into a puddle

what's that / laying you flat survival tatic-ly

you wanna battle me you better start thinkin practicly

line after line casually rapping this rapidly

and ending this / you never get a chance to bust back at me''

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