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Mike Shinoda Live - 2018.08.26 Leeds, England

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August 26, 2018
Leeds, ENG  England
Bramham Park
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Post Traumatic European Tour
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Main Stage
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3 of 10
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Kendrick Lamar, Panic! At The Disco, N.E.R.D, Dua Lipa, Sum 41, *, Skindred, Proteje, Trash Boat



01. Introduction 2015 Remix Version
02. Petrified PT Tour Live Version
03. When They Come For Me
04. Castle Of Glass Piano Style
05. Crossing A Line
06. In The End Piano Version; Piano Intro
07. About You Shortened (No Bridge/Ending); Vocoder Intro; Transition Ending
08. Over Again Shortened (No 1st Verse or 2nd Chorus); Transition Ending
09. Papercut Shortened (No 1st Chorus or 2nd Verse); 'Over Again' Ending
10. Make It Up As I Go
11. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out Mashup; w/ 'Good Goodbye' Chorus
12. Running From My Shadow Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- Due to heavy rain, Mike's set was slightly delayed as the crew took extra efforts to protect the gear from the rain. As a result, the setlist he played greatly differed from the paper setlist: 'When They Come For Me' was set the open the show, followed by 'Watching As I Fall.' 'Petrified' was not on the original setlist.

- Mike performed with a backdrop that had the cover of Post Traumatic on it.

- Mike slightly changed the festival set from the previous day at Reading, replacing 'Roads Untraveled' with 'When They Come For Me.'

- Matt and Dan left the stage before 'In The End' and returned halfway through 'Over Again.'

- During the piano intro of 'In The End,' Mike talked about the famous "Are you playing Reading or Leeds?" inside joke.

- 'About You' transitioned into 'Over Again' after the second chorus.

- After the second chorus of 'Over Again,' Mike transitioned into a shortened version of 'Papercut,' where he rapped the first verse, chorus, bridge, and ending before going back into the end of 'Over Again.’

- Mike sang the chorus of 'Good Goodbye' instead of the 'Bleed It Out' chorus during the mashup of the two songs.

- Mike went into the crowd during 'Running From My Shadow.'

Other Notes:

- Mike performed on the Main Stage at Leeds on August 26th. This was the first time he's played Leeds since 2003, having to cancel his Fort Minor show there in 2005 due to having to be in Florida the day after Reading.

- Mike joined Sum 41 onstage later on in the day for their cover of Linkin Park's 'Faint.'

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