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Julien-K Live - 2015.11.20 Rionegro, Antioquia

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November 20, 2015
Rionegro, CO  Colombia
Don Gatto Pizzeria Arte Bar
Venue Type: 
California Noir Colombia Tour
Show #: 
2 of 3


01. We're Here With You
02. Strange Invisible
03. Photo Voltaire
04. California Noir
05. Kick The Bass
06. Colorcast
07. Futura
08. Cruel Daze Of Summer
09. Deep Beat Overground
10. Flashpoint Riot

Show Notes:

- 'Black Market Machines' was listed on the setlist after 'Cruel Daze Of Summer' but was skipped.

Other Notes:

- Due to popular demand of their Rock al Rio performance on November 15th, Julien-K was asked to stay in Colombia and perform more shows. Two additional shows were announced on November 17th.

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