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Julien-K Live - 2013.08.17 Los Angeles, California

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August 17, 2013
Los Angeles, CA  United States
Venue Unknown
Private Party
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01. Palm Springs Reset
02. Colorcast
03. California Noir
04. No You Can't Live Debut
05. Breakfast In Berlin
06. We're Here With You
07. Fail With Grace Vandal song
08. Cast Into The Sea Acoustic
09. I'll Try Not To Destroy You
10. Surrounded By Cowards
11. Kick The Bass
12. Cruel Daze Of Summer


- This is the first known performance of 'No You Can't.

Other Notes:

- This performance was a private party. Eli James posted about posted about it on social media, saying, "bout to roCk a private party w my julienk brothers!!!!! kinda making me stoked for RUSSIA next week!!!"

- The setlist was posted by Julien-K on Facebook along with a note that said, "Played a private party the other night for some friends hehe. Here's the set list for those who care."

- Nicholas Gyeney and Edi Zanidache, producer and co-writer of Matt's Chance respectively, attended the event.

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