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Julien-K Live - 2012.10.27 London, England

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October 27, 2012
London, ENG  England
Slimelight @ Electrowerkz
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European Tour
Opening for Spawn Of Psychosis
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Spawn Of Psychosis, *, Inertia, Digitalis Purpurea



01. We're Here With You
02. Surrounded By Cowards false start
03. Fail With Grace Vandal song
04. Palm Springs Reset
05. Colorcast
06. Nights Of Future Past
07. Flashpoint Riot
08. Someday Soon Headcleanr Remix
09. Breakfast In Berlin
10. Cruel Daze Of Summer
11. Kick The Bass
12. Blue Monday New Order cover; False Start

Show Notes:

- The band was late again due to severe weather conditions before even arriving to England.

- A soundguy was given to the band for the evening, and clearly had no idea what he was doing, resulting in a very negative feedback from the band during the show.

- 'Maestro' and 'I'll Try Not To Destroy You' were originally scheduled to be played but due to time constraints, were dropped in favour of another song.

- The band asked the audience if they could rehearse something new. Upon positive response, the band played 'Blue Monday', as the band no longer felt the need to be too serious. The song was started, but due to more technical difficulties had to be restarted.

Other Notes:

- Spawn Of Psychosis played after Julien-K.

- "The band unfortunately arrived late due to severe weather, and had to start very late. The soundguy that Electrowerkz provided was a joke and clearly was just a toilet cleaner covering for someone else's sickday. Ryan's IEMs weren't mixed in any way to Ryan's needs, and sometimes the mic and iPad ware far too quiet, Amir's guitar was too loud, and the second mic for Ryan (with the effects) gave off so much high-pitched feedback that whales in the ocean thought someone was prank calling them. Someone must have thrown the soundguy out eventually as all the levels finally seemed okay 3 or 4 songs into the set, and the band were on top form considering the conditons. I think the band decided that this was the best time to show they had been practising a new song for the set, the Orgy/New Order classic Blue Monday. The audience had become a community, and the show was more just about having fun rather than being serious. This made it one of the most fun Julien-K shows I've been to. Great show!" - Lee Adams

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