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Julien-K Live - 2012.02.15 Hamburg, Hamburg

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February 15, 2012
Hamburg, HH  Germany
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We're Here With You
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Nox Interna, under[base]



01. We're Here With You Nights Of Future Past (Vandal Remix) intro
02. Futura
03. Nights Of Future Past
04. Surrounded By Cowards
05. Fail With Grace Vandal song
06. Palm Springs Reset
07. Kick The Bass
08. Cruel Daze Of Summer
09. Close Continuance
10. Someday Soon Headcleanr Remix
11. Maestro Koma + Bones Remix
12. Breakfast In Berlin
13. I'll Try Not To Destroy You

Show Notes:

- Beginning with this show 'Breakfast In Berlin' was moved to the encore and switched with 'Cruel Daze Of Summer'.

- The band had technical problems after 'Palm Springs Reset'. Frank couldn't play the drum pads needed for 'Kick The Bass' and thus couldn't start the song due to FU's notebook malfunctioning. In the meantime Amir and Frank jammed for a few minutes.

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