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Fort Minor Live - 2006.02.21

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Show Information

Date: February 21, 2006 Tour: U.S. Tour
Location: San Francisco, CA US
Venue: The Fillmore Show Number: Show 11 of 11
Venue Type: Bar/Club
Website: http://thefillmore.com/ Other Bands:




01. Remember The Name Long Intro
02. It's Goin' Down
03. Dolla
04. Enth E Nd
05. In Stereo
06. Mr. Brown Styles of Beyond song
07. Fort Minor Medley
08. Where'd You Go w/ Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga
09. Feel Like Home
10. Red To Black w/ Post-Song Drum Solo; w/ Jonah Matranga
11. Believe Me Bobo Drum Intro; Ext. Outro w/ Breakdown; w/ Eric Bobo
12. Numb/Encore Shortened; w/ Eric Bobo
13. There They Go w/ Eric Bobo
14. High Road w/ Eric Bobo
15. Petrified String Intro; w/ Eric Bobo

Show Notes:

- Jonah Matranga made his only Fort Minor live appearance and sang on both 'Where'd You Go' and 'Red To Black.'

- Holly Brook sang on 'Where'd You Go' as usual, but also came out for 'High Road' and sang too, which was the first and only time she had done that.

- Eric Bobo played the drums on 'Believe Me' and stayed out for the rest of the show.

- Beatdown played a short drum solo after 'Red To Black.'

- Black Violin had their own solo after 'High Road.'

- On the encore, Ryu asked if anyone could play the tamborine, so they brought a fan up on stage to play it.

- The 'Fort Minor Medley' is a mid-set mashup of verses from 'You Lose', 'Megadef', and 'Bleach' by Styles Of Beyond, Tak's verse from 'Respect 4 Grandma' (Fort Minor) and two original verses by Mike.

Other Notes:

- Mike Relm bridged the gap between Flipsyde and Fort Minor.


Source 1: Audio - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: A friend of "shamal" from the FMMB

Time: ? mins

Format: lossless

Comments: Full show. Good quality. Unreleased. Taper also taped FM at Club Tattoo 06.