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Fort Minor Live - 2005.11.09 Yokohama, Kanagawa

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November 09, 2005
Yokohama, JP  Japan
Yokohama Blitz
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Music/Concert Hall
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01. Remember The Name Long Intro
02. It's Goin' Down
03. Dolla
04. Enth E Nd
05. In Stereo
06. Mr. Brown Styles of Beyond song
07. Fort Minor Medley
08. Believe Me Ext. Outro w/ Breakdown
09. Feel Like Home
10. Red To Black w/ Post-Song Drum Solo
11. Numb/Encore Shortened
12. There They Go
13. High Road
14. Petrified String Intro

Show Notes:

- It is unknown whether this was the first show the band did their first encore at or not. It is confirmed that the next show in London had the encore. If they did, then this was the first show that Fort Minor played a shortened version of 'Numb/Encore' at. They would have had an encore break after 'Red To Black' and came back with 'Numb/Encore', 'There They Go', and 'Petrified' to close the show.

- Beatdown had a short drum solo after 'Red To Black'.

- The 'Fort Minor Medley' is a mid-set mashup of verses from 'You Lose', 'Megadef', and 'Bleach' by Styles Of Beyond, Tak's verse from 'Respect 4 Grandma' (Fort Minor) and two original verses by Mike.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Unknown)

Time: ? mins

Comments: There were two reports on this show shown on TV in Japan. One of them had a short interview with Mike talking about the band and trying to speak Japanese. One of them had a small clip of 'Believe Me', while another had a small clip of 'Enth E Nd'.

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