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Dead By Sunrise Live - 2009.08.01 Knebworth, England

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August 01, 2009
Knebworth, ENG  England
Knebworth Park
Venue Type: 
Venue Website: 
Linkin Park's Summer Tour
Performing Act: 
Linkin Park
Sonisphere UK
Show #: 
2 of 3



01. Crawl Back In
02. Fire
03. My Suffering

Show Notes:

- The band changed the setlist by swapping 'Crawl Back In' and 'Fire.'

Other Notes:

- This show was played as the first encore of the Linkin Park set.

- 'Crawl Back In' from the UKU/Sonisphere EP was advertised as being from the Sonisphere UK show but really was from the Ferropolis show.

- This was the band's first show in England.


Source 1: Video - AUD (MiniDV: Sony DCR-HC62)

Taper: LP_Bartek

Time: 91 mins

Format: DVD M

Comments: Widescreen. Screen shot, sometimes shaky. Tape change during the intro of 'Breaking The Habit'.


Source 2: Audio - AUD (Church Audio STC-11s > Green Machine Battery Box > Zoom H2)

Location: Dead center, 50 yards from stage

Taper: inabsebtia

Time: 90:02 mins

Format: FLAC / 439 MB

Comments: 'Session' cuts in. Made available to download on DIME five days after the show by the taper.


Source 3a: Video - PROSHOT (Channel 4)

Transfer: Sky HD > DVD Recorder > DVD > PC

Taper: Had0ken

Time: 47:57 mins

Format: DVD M / 3.19 GB

Comments: 'New Divide' and 'Crawl Back In' only. Wrong aspect ratio. Full TV special about day 1 & 2 with Metallica and many others.


Source 3b: Video - PROSHOT (Channel 4)

Transfer: Sky HD > DVD Recorder > DVD > PC

Taper: Had0ken

Time: 9:14 mins

Format: DVD M / 630 MB

Comments: Reauthored by nkramar. Aspect ratio fixed to widescreen. 'New Divide' and 'Crawl Back In' only.


Source 3d: Video - PROSHOT (Palladia)

Taper: CtrlHD

Time: ? mins

Format: .ts (1080i)

Comments: Widescreen. 'Somewhere I Belong', 'In The End', 'New Divide' and 'Crawl Back In'.

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