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Dead By Sunrise Live - 2005.11.05 Mesa, Arizona

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November 05, 2005  CANCELLED
Mesa, AZ  United States
Mesa Amphitheatre
Venue Type: 
Taste The Music Festival
Other Bands: 

The Format*, Roger Clyne and PH Naffah, Phunk Junkeez, The Pistoleros, Dead Hot, Workshop, Stephen Ashbrook, Shawn Johnson & The Foundation, Redfield, Third Approach, Adam Panic, Before Braille, Simplfy, Fourbanger, Mink Rebellion


Other Notes:

- Due to Bucket of Weenies performing in October 2005, this show, announced as just Chester Bennington, was assumed to have been a BoW concert. In late 2015, it was discovered that it was actually going to be the first real Snow White Tan show. Amir's post on the Julien-K forums, dated October 27, 2005 read, "What would have been the first performance of Chesters solo project with Julien-K at the Taste The Music Festival in Arizona Nov 5th has been cancelled... WE WILL NOT BE PERFORMING! It was decided today not to play the show... SORRY!!!" , "Let's just say it had nothing to do with us being "ready" to play and BTW we were only doing 3 songs acoustically anyway..."

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