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Chester Bennington Live - 2016.07.02 Beijing, China

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July 02, 2016
Beijing, CN  China
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01. Improv Acoustic Jam w/ random lyrics

Show Notes:

- Lyrics were made up on the spot for this random performance.

- Immediately after the improv jam, a fan asked him to play another song which he quickly said "no" to.

Other Notes:

- As a part of his trip to China, Chester performed solo with an acoustic guitar for a few fans at Wangfujing, one of the most popular outdoor street markets in Beijing. It appears he just walked up to a street performance gathering and was asked to play a song.

- Lyrics:

"I don't even know what song this is

Ok, you guys all ready to sing with me?

We're going to make up the words, because I don't know what I'm doing


Everybody say hello

Say goodbye

Performing on the streets of Beijing

(? ...live music), I'll do it anyway


This gentlemen over here is a lot better at playing the guitar than I am

That's alright

This is why I have the professionals play the music on the stage

and I just walk around and look at you

and sometimes sing too


Thank you very much Beijing"

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