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Chester Bennington Live - 2013.06.05 San Bernardino, California

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June 05, 2013
San Bernardino, CA  United States
X103.9 Studios
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01. The Messenger Aborted; Linkin Park song
02. The Messenger Linkin Park song

Show Notes:

- Chester and Phoenix stopped by the studios of X103.9 to talk about Stone Temple Pilots, music and more. Chester also took the opportunity to perform 'The Messenger' for the station.

- During the first take of the song, Chester forgot the lyrics for the second verse, stopped playing and then restarted the song from the same point.

- The second full take of the song was performed and filmed off-air.


Source 1: Audio - FM (x1039)

Time: 46:57 mins

Format: .mp3

Comments: Full interview + the first take of the song. Recorded and released by LPLive.


Source 2: Video - PROSHOT (YouTube: x1039video)

Time: 3:01 mins

Format: .mp4 (1080p)

Comments: The second take only. Uploaded the day after the performance.

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