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Chester Bennington Live - 2006.09.18 West Hollywood, California

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September 18, 2006
West Hollywood, CA  United States
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Metal Skool
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xx. Rainbow In The Dark Dio cover; w/ Chester Bennington

Show Notes:

- In his second appearance with them in less than a month, Chester joined Metal Skool for the Dio cover 'Rainbow In The Dark'. A short video of him performing the song was found on MySpace in January 2007 and since then was believed to be from the August show. After comparing the video and photos from the event, it was discovered in late 2015 that the video is actually from this Metal Skool show, because Chester clothes and hair don't match up. The date was found from the source code of the MySpace video.

Other Notes:

- The band changed its name to Steel Panther in 2008.

- Excerpt from the NoiseCreep interview with the band's vocalist Michael Starr: "Were like heavy metal missionaries [ ...] Our job is not only to bring metal back to people who long for it, but were also here to change the face of music as it is today. The way to do that is really by evangelizing. We pretty much baptized Kelly Clarkson into metal with whiskey and some Guns N Roses. If you look at her now, everythings a little different now. Clarkson retreated to her hotter look [...] and now that shes showing off her body more, her sales have increased [...] Its like were planting these heavy metal seeds in all these stupid contemporary artists brains [...] Mentally theyre going to blossom into heavy metal guys and women. Another disguised heavy metal band is Linkin Park. Chester got up and ripped it up. Honestly dude, Im going to be honest here: I thought Linkin Park was totally gay. Theyre not metal. He got up and sang and I was like, This guy can totally sing. I started listening to their older stuff a little bit because there was this girl I had sex with her daughter was listening to it. Thats not too bad. Its metal but its kind of that disguised metal because people are so afraid to look like we do and to rock. Think about it".

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