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Chester Bennington Live - 2004.10.15 Long Beach, California

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October 15, 2004
Long Beach, CA  United States
Vault 350
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Punk Static Paranoia Tour
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xx. Suckerface
xx. Gender
xx. Dissention
xx. Fetisha
xx. Dramatica
xx. Fiction (Dreams In Digital) w/ Chester Bennington
xx. 107
xx. Pure
xx. Vague
xx. Inside My Head
xx. Opticon
xx. Blue Monday New Order cover
xx. Can't Take This
xx. Stitches

Show Notes:

- Chester was hanging out with members of Orgy that night in the venue and came out on stage to perform 'Fiction (Dreams In Digital)' with the band.

- The setlist is unconfirmed, but originates from the setlist that Orgy was playing on that tour at the time.

Other Notes:

- The only known fanshot video of this performance didn't surface until it was posted on MySpace in July, 2006.

- Footage of 'Fiction (Dreams In Digital)' was used on Orgy's "Trans Global Spectacle - 1997 To 2004" DVD.

- The opening act for the show was the band called Doheny formed by Billy Morrison (Camp Freddy) and Jon "J.S." Clayden (Pitchshifter).

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