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Chester Bennington Live - 2004.06.13 Jakarta, Indonesia

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June 13, 2004
Jakarta, ID  Indonesia
Unknown Hotel Nightclub
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Unknown Indonesian Band
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xx. Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice cover; w/ Chester Bennington & Rob Lowe

Other Notes:

- Rob Lowe (former LP roadie): "So all us roadies we were at the night club inside of our hotel having some drinks. Chester came out with us as well (he was the only member of the band that I ever saw drink) and we were hanging out chatting and watching an Indonesian band perform. All of a sudden they started covering Linkin Park songs (ballsy move!). They walked right up to Chester and he took the mic and started rapping Mike Shinoda's lines while the lead singer of the cover band sang Chester's lines. It was badass. Later on the band broke out into some more American songs and they broke out Ice Ice Baby. I mean, it was 2004. Ice Ice Baby was still hot! (some bands still cover Ice Ice Baby. And they are, obviously, awesome for doing it). Anyway, I got up and joined the band on stage and laid down a verse or two. At the end of the night Chester toasted me and gave me props for knowing my Vanilla Ice".

- This date is unconfirmed. The date is either June 12th, 13th, or 14th.

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