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Chester Bennington Live - 2001.11.30 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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November 30, 2001
Cedar Rapids, IA  United States
U.S. Cellular Center
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Countdown To Revolution Tour
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(hed) p.e.
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Linkin Park, *, The Apex Theory, X-Ecutioners



xx. Pets Porno For Pyros cover; w/ Chester Bennington
xx. Bartender w/ Chester Bennington

Show Notes:

- Chester came out during (həd) p.e.'s set to perform 'Bartender' with the band.

- Before the show, members of (həd) p.e, The Apex Theory and Chester performed an improvised acoustic jam. After Chester's death, musician Zac Polk posted the following message on his Facebook as a tribute: "I got to be around Chester a couple times. Several years back, my boys from hed pe were touring with Linkin Park. Before the show we were all sitting backstage and one of the guys from one of the other bands (possibly Apex Theory?) Picked up an acoustic and starting playing a bunch of random covers, blues songs, etc. Chester was in the room and sat down and started singing and everyone just stopped what they were doing to listen. The dude was a true talent. I haven't kept up or listened to them in a while, but Hybrid Theory had a big influence on me". Another person that got to be around during the jam posted: "So sad to hear about the death of Chester from linkin park, met those guys several times over the years one of my best times was singing acoustic sublime songs with him and the guys in hed pe".

Other Notes:

- This is the last of five known Chester's appearances on the song. It is likely there were a lot more instances of Chester joining the band over the years.
- Footage of Chester singing 'Pets' backstage is featured on (hed) p.e.'s "Touring For Broke: A (hed)p.e. Film" documentary released in August 2020 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Broke.

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