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Chester Bennington Live - 2000.11.16 Atlanta, Georgia

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November 16, 2000
Atlanta, GA  United States
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(hed) p.e.
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Linkin Park, Nonpoint



xx. Killing Time
xx. Waiting To Die
xx. Serpent Boy
xx. Stevie
xx. Bartender w/ Chester Bennington
xx. I Got You
xx. Circus
xx. Jesus (Of Nazareth)
xx. P.O.S.

Show Notes:

- This show wasn't discovered until 2013, because it was an one-off show from P.O.D.'s "Kings Of The Game" tour and wasn't announced/listed along with the other dates, but a fan review confirms the show. It featured all the bands from the tour, except for its main act - P.O.D., so (həd) p.e. headlined the show instead.

- Chester came out during (həd) p.e.'s set to perform 'Bartender' with the band.

- Due to (həd) p.e. headlining, they were playing a longer set than on the P.O.D. tour, so this setlist is incomplete. This was the setlist they were playing opening for P.O.D. on the tour.

Other Notes:

- This is the earliest of five known Chester's appearances on the song. It is likely there were a lot more instances of Chester joining the band over the years.

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