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Bucket Of Weenies Live - 2006.04.22 Tempe, Arizona

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April 22, 2006
Tempe, AZ  United States
Acme Roadhouse
Club Tattoo 11th Anniversary
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Z-Trip, Fort Minor, *, Story Of The Year, Julien-K, Dirty Heads, Wicked Wisdom



01. Boys Don't Cry The Cure cover
02. 20 Eyes The Misfits cover
03. Dark Lover Cheezboy original
04. Suspicious Minds Elvis cover
05. Suffragette City David Bowie cover
06. Wicked Game Chris Issac cover
07. Anything, Anything Dramarama cover
08. Beer 'N' A Cigarette Cheezboy original
09. Morning After Chester Bennington

Show Notes:

- Unlike their Etnies GVR show, where Chester played guitar on almost every song, he picked up a guitar only for 'Dark Lover' and 'Beer 'N' A Cigarette'.

- Chester didn't do any vocals on "Dark Lover". Cheezboy sang the entire song himself.

- Cheezboy sang the lead vocals on "Beer 'N' A Cigarette" with Chester joining him for some parts of the song.

- Chester right before 'Suspicious Minds': ''Alright. How many people here like fucking Elvis? I personally think he's a fucking piece of shit, but he's sold over a fucking billion records. What the fuck do I know? I remember back when we were making 'Hybrid Theory' [...] they were saying like "'In The End' is a great song'' and I was like that's a piece of shit, that shouldn't go on the record. I was totally fucking wrong. It's like 'One Step Closer', dude, that's a pile of crap, that's the worst fucking song ever written. They said ''No, it's gonna be a hit''. What the fuck do I know? So, who gives a shit if I like fucking Elvis, here's a song called 'Suspicious Minds'."

- Towards the end of 'Morning After', Chester called out someone in the crowd: "Fuck you. Just go home man, you fucking asshole. You fucking bore me. Make some room for someone who cares. You know what I'm saying?"

- Chester jumped off of a table during the set and damaged some equipment, so there was a big delay before Fort Minor.

Other Notes:

- A little bit later that night, Chester came out during Fort Minor set to perform 'Enth E Nd'.

- A few songs into DJ Z-Trip's set, the fire department showed up and closed down the show since it was running way past curfew.


Source 1: Video - AUD (MiniDV: Sony DCR-HC20) (Center Angle #1)

Taper: lprocks

Time: 53:20 mins

Format: DVD M

Comments: Front row shot.


Source 2: Video - AUD (MiniDV: Unknown Sony 3CCD) (Left Angle)

Taper: Phospho

Time: 7 mins

Format: DVD M

Sample: (Anything, Anything - 15 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: Left shot. Watermark in the right bottom corner. Only 'Anything, Anything' and the speech after the song.


Source 3: Video - AUD (Unknown) (Center Angle #2)

Taper: Anon

Time: 36 mins

Format: DVD M

Sample: (Anything, Anything - 15 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: First row shot. Cut between the songs, 'Suffragette City' is missing. Uncirculated.

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