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Bucket Of Weenies Live - 2005.10.17 Albuquerque, New Mexico

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October 17, 2005
Albuquerque, NM  United States
Desert Sands Motor Hotel
Camel Cigarettes 'Sin City Tour'
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Black Maria


xx. Wicked Game Chris Isaak cover

Show Notes:

- About six songs into the set, Chester made a sarcastic comment about lung cancer and liver disease, and the band was kicked off stage and then kicked off an entire Camel Cigarettes Tour. Bucket Of Weenies was going to play all of the company's parties around the United States, but got booted! Hilarious!

- From an interview with Sean Dowdell: "And we get there and we’re playing in front of…I don’t know…fifteen hundred, twenty five hundred people, something like that and Chester…this was when he was drinking…so he was pretty happy up on stage and we’re all playing and about six, seven songs into the set he raises his bottle of Jack Daniel’s…he’s got a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the other--mind you, we’re at an RJ Reynolds party; this is a cigarette party--he gets up on stage and says, “Hey, is everybody having fun?” and it was kind of a dead response and he said, “Alright all you mother-f-ers, how’s it feel to be getting lung cancer and liver disease?” And it was like…you could hear a pin drop. Our power got cut, security guards came out of nowhere. They just appeared, grabbed all of us, escorted us off stage. Three lawyers came out of the back alley with our contract, highlighted fifty-two points of interest we violated and we got kicked off an RJ Reynolds tour for saying the word cancer. So that, to me, was like the funniest thing and he was so upset because we lost a ton of money and I thought it was the most punk rock moment of my musical career…to be able to tell the tobacco companies to shove it up their…"

- From Tyler Fyre's review: "The show is a lot of fun – the crowd is liquored up and having a blast – and they’ve gone all out with entertainment – bringing out the Albuquerque Roller Girls, a casino, a whole gang of gorgeous go-go girls in lingerie, Grindergirl, Black Maria, and Bucket of Weenies – a compilation band of killer musicians featuring Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Mike Brown (TSOL), Sean Dowdell (Grey Daze), Ryan Shuck (Orgy), and Mike Rouse (The Johns). They get into a fight with the audience because somebody threw a piece of ice at them and then start dissing Camel – always a good move when you’ve just been paid $20,000 to perform".

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