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Linkin Park Live - 2017.05.13

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Show Information

Date: May 13, 2017 Tour: South American Tour
Location: São Paulo, BR BR Event/Festival: Maximus Festival
Venue: Autódromo José Carlos Pace Show Number: Show 4 of 4
Venue Type: Outdoor
Other Bands:

Slayer, Rob Zombie, Böhse Onkelz, Red Fang



01. Fallout w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox
02. The Catalyst Shortened (No Third Chorus/Breakdown)
03. Wastelands w/ 'War' Outro Sample
04. Talking To Myself
05. Burn It Down
06. One Step Closer 2017 Intro; Ext. Outro
07. Castle Of Glass Experience Version; 2017 Ending w/ 'A Place For My Head' Verse 1
08. Good Goodbye Ext. Singalong Intro; Live Version
09. Lost In The Echo Shortened (No First Chorus or Second Verse)
10. Battle Symphony False Start
11. New Divide
12. Breaking The Habit Acapella Outro
13. Crawling Piano Version; Shortened (No First Chorus or Outro)
14. Leave Out All The Rest 2017 Version
15. Somewhere I Belong
16. What I've Done 2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge
17. In The End Pause Version
18. Faint Ext. Outro
19. Numb 'Numb/Encore' Intro + Outro
20. Heavy
21. Papercut
22. Bleed It Out w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox

Show Notes:

- 'The Catalyst' returned to open the show as it did in Buenos Aires.

- Mike rapped verse one of 'A Place For My Head' over the outro of 'Castle Of Glass'.

- Before 'Battle Symphony,' Mike said that even the fans know that "one of our craziest fanbases is in Brazil. They make memes about it."

- Right as 'Battle Symphony' started, Mike said to hold on for a second so they could fix something. It was too late, and the song started with a pretty messed up intro.

- Rob forgot that about the pause during 'In The End' and started playing when the rest of the band stopped. He quickly stopped playing. The entire band started playing during the first chorus. Chester commented after the song that it was the best pause yet.

- Mike had the crowd make two massive moshpits during 'Heavy,' just to "fuck with people who watch the show back."


Source 1: Audio - FM (A Radio Rock)

Time: ? mins (full show)

Comments: Broadcasted live.