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Linkin Park Live - 2017.05.09 Santiago, Región Metropolitana de Santiago

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May 09, 2017
Santiago, CL  Chile
Movistar Arena
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South American Tour
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2 of 4
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Rise Against

Headline w/ Encore Break



01. Fallout w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox
02. Talking To Myself
03. Burn It Down
04. The Catalyst Shortened (No Third Chorus/Breakdown)
05. Wastelands w/ 'War' Outro Sample
06. One Step Closer 2017 Intro; Ext. Outro
07. Castle Of Glass Experience Version; 2017 Ending
08. Good Goodbye Ext. Singalong Intro; Live Version
09. Lost In The Echo Shortened (No First Chorus or Second Verse)
10. Battle Symphony
11. New Divide
12. Invisible Ext. Intro
13. Waiting For The End 'Remember The Name' Intro; Wall Of Noise Outro
14. Breaking The Habit Acapella Outro
15. One More Light Full Band Live Debut
16. Crawling Piano Version; Shortened (No First Chorus or Outro)
17. Leave Out All The Rest 2017 Version
18. Somewhere I Belong
19. What I've Done 2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge
20. In The End Pause Version
21. Faint Ext. Outro
22. Numb 'Numb/Encore' Intro/Outro
23. Heavy
24. Papercut
25. Bleed It Out Ext. Sing-a-long Bridge; Ext. Ending

Show Notes:

- Linkin Park changed the start of the setlist for this show. After being premiered worldwide for the first time the show before, 'Talking To Myself' opened a show for the first time. Instead of the show starting with 'The Catalyst' and 'Wastelands', those two songs moved down to the three and four spots, and 'Talking To Myself' and 'Burn It Down' were the first two songs of the set.

- Mike messed up the second verse of 'Good Goodbye' and accidentally rapped most of the first verse in place of it.

- Chester messed up 'Lost In The Echo' around the chorus of the song.

- There were technical difficulties during 'Battle Symphony' for the second show in a row.

- After being performed to a TV audience and a few LPU Members at The Late Late Show with James Corden in February, 'Invisible' was performed publicly for the first time.

- 'Waiting For The End' returned to the setlist after being excluded from the festival version of the setlist. It featured a new intro with 'Remember The Name' being mashed up with the beat and synths from 'Waiting For The End'.

- Chester went into the crowd for the outro of 'Breaking The Habit'.

- When introducing 'One More Light', Chester said that this was one of his favorite songs.

- There was a flashmob during 'Heavy': fans held up "why is everything so heavy?" signs.


- 'One More Light' was played by the entire band for the first time. A stripped down version of the song was performed at the Warner Bros. Records party in March.

Other Notes:

- This was the first Linkin Park performance in Chile since 2010, but their first arena headlining show in the country.

- Before the show, Mike took to Twitter to address fans standing outside of the band's hotel for days. The issue had been discussed amongst Linkin Park fansites the day before the show. Mike said, "With all respect, please don't stand outside our hotels, you guys. We love you, but we need personal space. Focus on the meet & greets instead", "After that, no more coming to the hotel please", and "We can't meet everyone. That's life. We love our fans--and I am a human being who is asking for some personal space."


Source 1: Video - AUD (HD: Unknown) (Left Angle)

Location: Upper level, left side

Taper: La Reina Del Zoom

Time: 97:52 mins

Format: ?

Comments: Very start of show intro is cut. Small cut on the intro of 'Wastelands'. Full recording uploaded to YouTube on May 10, 2017 after the show.

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