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Linkin Park Live - 2017.02.28

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Show Information

Date: February 28, 2017 Tour: One More Light Promo Performances
Location: West Hollywood, CA US Event/Festival: Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary Filming
Venue: Whisky a Go Go Show Number: Show 3 of 17
Venue Type: Bar/Club
Website: http://www.whiskyagogo.com/



xx. Burn It Down Reggae Version

Show Notes:

- This was the third known time that the "Reggae Version" (named by Brad's old guitar tech Sean Paden) was performed. The song first made an appearance at the 2013.08.01 KROQ Private Rehearsal for the Sunset Strip Music Festival. At the time, it was thought that it was made up on the spot for fun. However, it reappeared over a year later at the 2014.11.07 Amsterdam LPU Summit in the soundcheck for fans.

Other Notes:

- Mercedes hosted an all-day shoot featuring Linkin Park on February 28th. The filming took place backstage, on the roof, and on the actual stage. Linkin Park posted clips of the filming on their Snapchat during the day.

- This was not an actual show/concert, but it's similar to the Powerless shoot at the 2012.06.05 Berlin. Going back 20+ years prior, Xero performed at The Whisky at least three known times. Linkin Park performed there at least once, two months after their name change - July 8th, 2000. This is the first Linkin Park-related event at The Whisky since that time.

- No fans were allowed in this filming.

- The final video was released on April 10th by Mercedes, titled "50 Years of AMG: Living Performance" with the description, "Highly motivated and highly successful. The members of Linkin Park have been painstakingly crafting their music for over 20 years. While some bands record an album in two months, they take a year and a half to perfect their work. Find out what drives Linkin Park to succeed: amg4.me/AMG50Years #AMG50Years" The final video featured clips from all of the filming that took place during the day as well as other Linkin Park live footage from 2015.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Mercedes AMG)

Time: 2:30 mins

Comments: Mercedes promo video featuring clips from this "performance." Uploaded to

on April 17th.